Sunday, July 11, 2004

Final Day In Cairns!

G'day Sports!
Well ... its been 2 weeks and 2,300km ... but sadly our east coast campervan adventure has drawn to an end! But fear not ... although we leave Cairns very very early tomorrow morning ... we'll be heading down for 6 days of, what promises to be somewhat more chilly, fun in  Sydney!
A quick update of what we've been getting upto on the last couple of days ... Rach and booked onto a Diving trip out on the Barrier Reef, which we did on Saturday ... it was probably the most fantastic thing i've had the pleasure of taking part in all holiday. As Rach is a certified diver she and I were in seperate diving parties but my instructor was and English Chap who said that he would arrange a special final dive so that Rach and I could go together. Having never scuba dived before in my life i was a little unsure of what to expect. Before our first dive all of the diving newbies had a 40 minute theory lesson ... after that we were kitted up and let loose with out instructors and hit the big blue ... the first dive was amazing ... the second  saw 2 sharks and the third Rach and I got about 3 feet away from a white tipped reef shark (about 5 ft long). It really was amazing .. so amazing in fact that I had to buy the video of my first dive.... yet another one I'll need to get on my website for you all to look at.
The night before the dive Rach and I had the Van parked in Port Douglas, a small car park right next to the marina .... we settled down for the night after a bag of sea side fish and chips .... it gets to 12:30am ... we're both fast alseep ... all of a sudden we here a knock on the van door. i opened the door and there standing in front of me was a very scary little man! "I am the Douglashire county Ranger....." he said ... "I am afraid that your not allowed to camp here ..." He continued to explain that we would have no look finding an open campsite at this time of night and out only hope was to drive 30 minutes down the road to the next town and stop there! So dazed and half asleep I set about preparing the van for the off ... we left the car park and got no more that 600 yards down the road before a figure waving a flashing batton jumped out in the middle of the road ... I slowed to a stop and opened the window .... "Random Breath Test Sir ... Please blow into this for me ...". Thank god I'd not had anything to drink that night .... so we passed and were allowed to continue on our way ... after about 20 minutes we reached the next town and began to follow signs to the camping gound the ranger had told us about. To my horror, I noticed a set of flashing red and blue lights in my rear view mirror!!!! Police again .... so I pulled over and once again opened my window .... "G'day, Could you please blow into this for me sir ... " Breath test number 2 in 20 minutes .... after sucessully passing both breath tests we finally made it to the camp site at around 01:30am ...
So as you can see ... the last few days have been very interesting. Well as its our last night on the coast Rach and I decided to treat ourselves and book into the Cairns Hilton ... NICE!
We're just about to go and return our beloved campervan before grabbing a bite to eat and tucking into a few stubbies before we jet off to Sydney in the morning .... FANTASTIC!
I hope everyone is doing well back home .... I'm sorry to say that I am not missing home one bit ... and would happily stay here forever. Alas ... only 7 more days to go before I set off on the wonderful 21 hour trip home ... and start saving for next years holiday!
See you all soon!

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