Amazon Container Services Learning Resources

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Amazon Container Services Learning Resources

I love speaking with customers and colleagues about containers and microservices. There are so many great resources out there to help you get started out with these exciting technologies and patterns on AWS. I’ve started to compile a list of some of my favorites.

 If you know of any others, please comment below and I’ll get them added. Enjoy.

This is self-paced workshop designed to allow developers and system administrators to get hands on with Amazon Elastic Container Service concepts such as service and container-instance auto-scaling, spot-fleet integration, container placement strategies, service discovery, secrets management with AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store, time-based and event-based scheduling, and automated deployment pipelines. 

ECS Workshop

This workshop is designed to educate engineers that might not be familiar with Fargate, ECS, and possibly even Docker container workflow.

Kubernetes the AWSome Way!

This is a self-paced workshop designed for Development and Operations teams who would like to leverage Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Deploying Microservices on AWS Cloud

An exploration, with examples, of a few of the different options avaialble for deploying microservices on AWS. These include Amazon ECS, Kubernetes and AWS Lambda.