Citrix Release XenDesktop 2.0

May 21, 2008 13:53 · 219 words · 2 minute read


Citrix have unleashed the final release of XenDesktop (named XenDesktop 2.0).

This is Citrixs’ virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) delivery suite that, if the website and associated literature are to be believed, comes action packed with some pretty awesome features.

The core components are the Desktop Delivery Controller (Broker), this component is responsible for managing user connections to the virtual desktops as well as coordinating the dynamic provisioning of virtual desktops (to be discussed a little later).

You’ve then got the Virtual Desktop Agent which provides a management interface between the delivery controller and the virtual desktop as well as ICA-enabling the virtual desktop, this is the really cool part! Traditional VDI solutions made use of the standard remote desktop protocol (RDP) to allow users to connect and work from the virtual desktops, XenDesktop and the Virtual Desktop Agent allow user to connect to the Virtual Desktops directly over the feature rich ICA protocol. This means that many of performance optimisation technologies, including speedscreen can be exploited.

The final core component is the Client, the client gets installed onto the end users local workstation and facilitates the direct ICA connection to the virtual desktop.

I’ll be installing, tweaking, breaking and rebuilding a XenDesktop environment over the next few days so check back for more updates to the blog!