I finally got around to taking my VCP310 Exam

Dec 24, 2008 13:44 · 133 words · 1 minute read

Just a quick blog update to say that I finally got around to taking my VCP310 exam this past weekend and, fortunately, passed.

Hopefully I should receive my intro pack, welcoming me into the ranks of ‘VCP Massive’ soon.

If you’re planning on taking the exam, the best advice I can offer is have tons of hands on experience, read and understand everything Vi3. Attending the course before hand helped me a lot, this is also a mandatory requirement for the VCP certification. Hit the Documentation website, download all of the Vi3 documents and read them, also run through the installs of all the components, including ESX and Virtual Centre,  familiarise yourself with the options and features available as well as how best to configure them (all covered in the Doco’s)

Good luck.