My Reading List - 2017

Aug 15, 2017 15:05 · 154 words · 1 minute read

I spend a lot of time commuting. In an attempt to make my commute as productive as possible, I like to read books. I thought it might be useful, for other people out there on the interweb looking for some interesting reads, to share my reading list. So here it is.

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  • SmartCuts - Shane Snow

  • The Lean Start-up - Eric Ries

  • Articulating Design Decisions - Tom Greever

  • How to win friends and influence people - Dale Carnegie

  • Presence - Amy Cuddy

  • The Like Switch - Jack Schafer

  • Start with Why - Simon Sinek

  • The practice of cloud system administration (DevOps / SRE Practices)

  • Site Reliability Engineering - Heaps of people.

  • The Phoenix Project - Gene Kim and some others.

  • HBR Guide to persuasive presentation - Nancy Duarte