Problems with FSRM (Quick Fix)

Nov 8, 2013 15:07 · 151 words · 1 minute read

I recently installed FSRM on to a Windows 2012 server.

I started seeing a few strange issues when trying to use the FSRM powershell cmdlets. 

For example, when I run Get-FSRMQuota, a list of all currently applied quotas was meant to be returned.

Instead, I got no output at all from the command. Other powershell commands threw strange errors.

Whenever I tried to view the FSRM options screen, the MMC would crash and I’d get this error.

After a bit of digging it turns out that this a bug with the installation of FSRM which only occurs following the first reboot of a server hosting the FSRM role.

After you perform a second reboot or run:

net stop srmsvc

net start srmsvc

The problem goes away. 

I’m not sure what causes the issue, but I thought it would be useful to document this incase anyone else runs into the same issue.